Monday Nov 23! give thanks for DMC’s EIREAN BRADLEY! Plus! “Poetry Turducken” Stuffing Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: EIREAN BRADLEY is a two-time National Poetryeirean Slam Finalist (and nine-time competitor) who is good at yelling at strangers in ways that get him applauded and not arrested. He believes that poetry should be done like everything else: loudly and unapologetically. He performed his poetry in all of the lower forty-eight states. He is a multiple time pushcart prize nominee, the poetry curator at Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and the author of two full-length books on University of Hell Press. He’s crossed our path before, but he is currently living in Worcester (checking out the scene on some potential Northeast relocation) after having been a key poetry slam & community organizer in Denver, Portland and Arizona, he’s checking us out! Let’s welcome him!

BONUS RUCKUS: First evah “POETRY TURDUCKEN” stuffing turduckenchallenge! This is gonna get kinda weird maybe! Whether you celebrate the upcoming turkey day or not, you can still get in on this new challenge that we cooked up. Nothing says American gluttonous ingenuity like the Turducken (shoving birds in birds in birds)! We thought we’d model a literary stuffing challenge. We will bring tons of poems of different lengths. Your job? Take three, stuff them into each other, and present them until the audience needs a nap. Winner gets a tasty prize!

Congrats on our friends who committed themselves to political and community action this week! We see u! Word hasĀ  is JOSEF MOGUL will be rolling some sushi for snack time this week! House band activate! Visual artist will be found an announced on FB! By the way, like is on Facebook. We’d like, LIKE that, you know? YOSH & MICKEY know!

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