Monday! Nov 16th! ETHAN SMITH from Boston! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

POETRY FEATURE: ETHAN WALKER SMITH is a performance poet ethansmithand LGBT advocate, currently performing, teaching youth writers at the 826 Boston Writer’s Room, and working in Public Affairs at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in Boston, MA. Most recently, Ethan recorded in Los Angeles, California for Season 5 of Lexus Verses and Flow, released in Fall of 2015. His piece “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” filmed for a studio audience aired on the show, as well as a recording for the web show of his piece “Trans Incarceration”. “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” was also featured in the ‘Best of the Rest’ Showcase on Finals Stage at CUPSI 2014, and a ethan smith 2video of the piece released by Button Poetry in Spring 2014 has gone on to be shared by George Takei, and featured on websites such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, among others. He is most passionate about bringing young and fresh voices to the stage in this whirlwind world of performance poetry that he has grown to love. He believes in the transformative power of art above all else and hopes as a community we someday get to put a mic in front of any young person who wants to speak.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS: “MAPLE CANDYrainy vs. SCHLITZMAN!” This one’s gonna burn some barns, as my pappi used to say. Defending champion RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is facing perhaps her most daunting challenge yet, as defender of the esoteric classes MALT SCHLITZMAN brings his high flying snark to our stage in an attempt to grab the title! You know the deal (well most of you) these two poets get an hour to turn YOSH SHARTIN‘s secret ingredient into three poetic dishes, haiku, short poem and incorporation. We select 3 judges to blurt out scores in the realms of taste, presentation and use of the secret ingredient! Top scoring poet gets to hold the trophy up in glory!

LIZ SOUSA is coming back to rock some art this Monday! She likes owls! nickgerundSnacks will be provided by a volunteer this week! New friend and gerund enthusiast DAMIEN DUFFY will be baking up a storm! HOUSE BAND is open to new name suggestions! YOSH & MIKEY prefer to shake you instead of martini’s! We’ve been on an excellent clip of audience participation and full open mic lists, get there by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! Other than that, what else do we have to say?

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