Monday! Nov 9th! CHANEL DUPREE from NYC! Plus Return of the “Prompt & Circumstance” Writing Challenge!

Amazing show last week! Thanks! Ya’ll might not remember but we got knocked out by blizzards three weeks in a row last Winter. We managed to bring back 2 phenomenal poetry features since then. This Monday, we bring back the third word-slinger who we missed!

POETRY FEATURE: CHANEL DUPREE is a 21 year old spoken word poet artist who has been writing for ten years. Chanel was the only woman on the 2014 LouderARTS poetry slam team that advances to semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Chanel Dupree was asked to perform on final stage. She’s featured at Yale University’s Global Health Conference, United Nations; promoting women’s advocacy and youth employment. Chanel has also been featured on “At the Inkwell” as one of their inspiring up and coming writers. Chanel’s writing style is one of storytelling and redemption. Spilling everything on the page, showing how being human is a beautiful battle.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE dg2CHALLENGE” – this is a new favorite and we’re not going to wait another year to bring it back! On the spot writing challenge where we provide the prompt…. and a writing surface that presents competitors with quite the circumstance. Host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is quite taken with whimsical ephemera… and recycling! He’s headed to yard sales and recycling centers, mapping the globe for rad items which our intrepid participants will have to write about… and write on! Last time, we had a construction hard hat, coffee pot and straw hat! What’ll it be this time. Gerunder who grabs our attention, best encapsulates their item and manages to read their sharpie writing on those weird curves will win! The prompt had a tie breaker last time, we ran outta items, so our finalists wrote on Nick-knack Davis himself!!!!

HOUSE BAND RUCKUS activate! Thanks to FBW friends for coming out dg1in full force to support the show this past monday! Let’s return the synergy and attend their last event of the year this Saturday’s November to Dismember! Visual artist TBA! YOSH and MIKEY can’t wait to serve you with either food and drinks… or sick dance moves! Fast recovery to EMILEE MORREALE who still dropped off a dope snack, even though she didn’t feel well enough to stick around for the show! Commitment! We’ll hopefully enjoy her shiney shine this Monday! Running out of things to say, except that we’re having the best year evah and need you to continue bringing the best! By the way, this is what art winning looks like! Raise your hands!

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