Monday 10/26 DG welcomes indie hip-hoppers MILO & AL SAFARI! Plus! Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Nice Challenge! ***RICE CAKE ALERT***

After a few weeks of some hard hitting poetry from some of the best in the biz, Dirty Gerund is switching gears and looking to jump this Monday!

SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE(S): rory ferreira aka MILO aka scallops milohotel is a 23 year old rapper based in Milwaukee, WI. After a few EPs and mixtapes, a 20-year old milo was picked up by the like-minded Hellfyre Club as the youngest addition to an already impressive roster boasting L.A. rap mainstays such as Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, and label founder Nocando. His first EP with Hellfyre in early 2013, things that happen at day/things that happen at night reached Number One on Bandcamp. Since then, the young rapper has been able to ride that success with late 2013’s cavalcade (comprised largely of America samples) to achieve a dedicated fanbase. Joining him on tour is AL SAFARI another journeyman rapper from Milwaukee.  check out for a sneak listen peak.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Be Nice CHALLENGE! What can we say. We like this one. You all know about rap cuddlebattles right? Given a finite amount of time and a beat, provided by a DJ, you’re objective is to verbally eviscerate your opponent, compelling the audience to wince in pain at the severity with which your skills skewer. We just don’t have the killer instinct (or emcee bars) needed to produce a proper battle, so we choose to flip it and reverse everything about this game. Contestants will get a minute with a backing band to be AS NICE AS POSSIBLE to your opponent, killing with kindness. Also, who’s got time (and/or talent) to put that to rhymes? Bring your best poetic prose, metaphors and imagery that will make the audience go “awwwwww” like it’s raining sniffling baby seals! Best of the best will get a nice prize!

RICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! We love EMILEE’s snacks, but this is a community doggonit! Someone’s gotta come through with a bite 7hillssize snack of art for all. You have until Sunday afternoon to reach EMILEE on her FACEBOOK PAGE (send a message) and volunteer, or it’s the dreaded generic, salt-less rice cake party for all of you’s. Visual artist TBA (my favorite!) Sunday November 1st, join us at SEVEN HILLS SLAM for the last qualifier before winter semi’s and rock out to poetry from DG favorite and current national poetry slam champion ERICH HAYGUN! Don’t sleep! YOSH & MIKEY got what you need in the front diner car every monday (as long as what you need is drinks or burgers)! Until then, floss!


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