Monday Oct. 12th! RACHEL KANN from Los Angeles! Plus! The “Return of the FrankenPoem” Challenge

Since last night’s was soooo amazing! I just couldn’t wait to get into next week, cause it’s gonna be just as amazing!

POETRY FEATURE: TEDx Poet RACHEL KANN is a modern-day mystic: irreverently reverent and exuberantly human. Her most recent work,The Upward Spiral, (a spoken word album with ambient electronica music,) is a collaboration with music producer Jaz 1 on the M87 record label. She’s a kannWrite Club Los Angeles champ and resident writer for Hevria. Her poetry has been featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR and as The Weather on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale. Her poetry and short story collection, 10 For Everything, is available from Orange Ocean Press. Her writing (poetry and fiction) also appears in journals such as Eclipse, Permafrost, Coe Review, Sou’wester, GW Review, Quiddity, and Lalitamba. You can find her work in anthologies including A Poet’s Haggadah, Word Warriors from Seal upwardspiralPress, His Rib from Penmanship Press, and Knocking at the Door from Birch Bench Press. She has three albums, The Upward Spiral, Ptolemaic Complex and Word to the WHY?S, and collaborates with producers such as Jaz 1, End.User, Tack-Fu, and conductor/composer Gee Gee Gallegos.Rachel was invited to perform her poetry at TEDx UCLA and in Flight 18 (where she was the DJ and Dance Captain as well) at 3LD Technology in New York City. She teaches poetry and fiction workshops through the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension.

BONUS RUCKUS: “THE RETURN OF THE FRANKENPOEM CHALLENGE!” One of Nick’s favorites and just in time for the spooky season, Nick’s bringing the bare bones (snippets from poems, songs, how to manuals, whatever he can get his diabolical mitts on. He will give them to competitors who’s job it will be to stitch them together into a piece that’s readable and hopefully sensical. Winner gets a frothy prize on us! GUEST gatejVISUAL ARTIST SORANA GATEJ is a Dirty Gerund legend and always bring the work that people want to bid on. Bring cash! (as you can tell from this photo, I dig her work!) NEW DRUMMER TRYOUTS will be held at the VFW hall tomorrow morning at 9am. Bring your own kit and some enthusiasm, and coffee. (just kidding THORSEN, can’t wait to welcome you back this week)! How’s EMILEE gonna top that chowder snack time though? YOSH and MIKEY are dying to find out! And last but not least, if you’re into poetry, movies and VinCo bars, check out RABBIT HEART POETRY FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND, Saturday & Sunday at Nick’s on Millbury. Tix and times on their site! We’ll be there, sneaking in popcorn and talking through the opening trailers? No trailers? Dang!

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