Monday Oct 5th! CORRINA BAIN returns to Worcester! Plus HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE!

CORRINA BAIN is a gender-liminal writer and performer based in corrinaBrooklyn, New York. He has a long history in poetry slam, having been a featured reader on finals stage, and a member and coach of multiple slam teams. He is the author of the full-length poetry collection Debridement (Great Weather for Media 2015,) and has also published work in journals and anthologies such as PANK, decomP, Rattle, BOOTH, and the Everyman’s Library book Villanelles. He has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In life, he has worked in an abortion clinic, at a sexual assault crisis hotline, and as an international volunteer with HIV/AIDS in Mozambique. He is trained as a psychiatric social worker, and works extensively with movement, embodiment, trauma and sexuality.  But he’d rather just dance with you. This is this poet’s first time back home in a whiiiiile so let’s get ready to get our collective mind blown!

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the DR. GONZO HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE! Stu “The Doctor” has returned recentlydrgonzo with a new batch of awesome sauces and is currently unrolling a new Kickstarter Campaign to keep the fire going! In order to support these efforts, we’re rolling out one of our favorite challenges, it may be a little kinder and gentler than past challenges, but we think Gimme My Gonzo’s Jalapenomash should serve to spice up the reading of any sonnet! We bring the Shalespeare and the mash, you bring the bravery! Take a nice spoonfull and do your best to deliver the words with a mouth on blast! Best to keep the heat in wins a prize pack! We’re feverishly trying to bring the Doctor in to watch over the proceedings!

CHAD JULIAN will visual art us! EMILEE killing the autummattn snack time game! Thanks again to JARED PAUL for an incredible feature last week! Congrats to RAINY on keeping her IRON POET TROPHY! We’re still trending towards 8:30pm start times, so let’s keep that there! HOUSE BAND ACTIVATE! (MATT, pictured, digs it) New readers, new listeners, the party’s here! YOSH & MIKEY send their regards, or regahds depending on you accent! If you just can’t wait to see CORRINA read from his new book, check out 7 HILLS SLAM THIS SUNDAY at SAHARA for a double shot, plus compete for a spot in 2016 Team Semi-Finals! Over and almost out! Will we be outside? Who knows? It’s possible! Anti-rain & cold dance comence!

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