Monday! Sept 21st! 2015 National Poetry Slam Champ MELISSA LOZADA-OLIVA! Plus, the “It’s Like a Simile” Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: MELISSA LOZADA-OLIVA is a spoken word poetlozada and bookstore babe living in Boston. A gap-toothed bruja, Melissa believes in awkward silences, being loud, and saying no. Her poetry tries to capture the feeling her parents get when they meet someone from their home country and the feeling she gets when she’s late to a party. She is a National Poetry Slam Champion (2015) and a Brenda Mosey Video Slam Winner (2015).  She has been published in Electric Cereal, Jaded Ibis Press, Microchondria and the Guardian. Check out the mad-hit getting, national poetry slam winning greatness!
BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “It’s ‘Like’ A Simile” Guess Challenge! We’re bringing this fun game back for another spin. Nick and I will present original simile’s that we created ourselves. We’ll also present a selection of multiple choice guesses on what we think they mean, and/or what we think they could possibly mean! Your job? Buzz in, guess correct, get a point, first to three wins a beverage on us!
Thanks so much for coming out last week! Our 6th year anniversary couldn’t have gone any better! Congrats to new Miss Dirty Gerund CATHERINE ARNELL! (she’s the one in the tiara and sash winking) Make sure you check out stART on the Street this weekend! Make your city a better, artsier place to be!

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