Apparently in modern times, the 6th anniversary calls for gifts made of wood! (or if you wanna kick it old school, candy or iron would be fine…) So excited to be celebrating over 300 Mondays of sick guitar jams, sweet snacks, raucous applause, cookiness and of course some of the best in poetry!

FEATURED GUESTS: THE DUENDE PROJECT: (formerly “Duende”)deunde is the poetry and music project of TONY BROWN, veteran performance poet; STEVE LANNING-CAFARO, aka FARO, electric bass and Nylon string guitar; CHRIS LAWTON on electric guitar, and CHRIS O’DONNELL, drums. They’ve released 5 CD/chapbook sets, “Jim’s Fall,” “americanized,” “The Duende Project,” “One Thing That Scares You,” and most recently “Basement Takes” on their own Loyal Weasel Productions; they perform in the New England and Eastern Seaboard regions regularly. Check out all the awesome at!

BONUS RUCKUS: The ANNUAL MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT emileemissdgwe’re constantly amazed by how many amazingly talented women want to perform at our dumb boys club of a show. Nick and I have fired each other repeatedly, but neither of us is getting the message. (pictured right, Emilee winning in 2013) We wish to celebrate one incredible voice in our community by hosting this pageant. Three categories: 1. TALENT – 5 minutes for a song, poem, dramatic monologue, whatever it is that you want! 2. PANDER HAIKU – 17 syllables to let us know that we’re adequate humans and that we run a fun show. (we’re so very very insecure). 3. INTERVIEW w/ NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS whoever thinks quickest and wittiest on their feet will take this round. Pre-selected judges will secret ballot the winner. Winner will win $50! Tiara, punk rock sash, flowers, praise and invitations to represent the DG at all the classiest galas! This ain’t a Donald Trump style pageant!  We can only take 5 contestants, so please RSVP with us this week if you can!

Dirty Gerund Visual Arts Director AARON WHITE will be favoring us with an original artistic creation! EMILEE MORREALE will be flavoringaaron us with an incredible snack! (THERE MAY BE CAKE, the desert, not the band) House band RUCKUS will still be in effect and we’ll finally let them play on the roof, so we don’t have to make space on stage for two drum kits! YOSH and MIKEY are scanning tuxedo t-shirts on the internet right now (if my paid hackers are telling me the truth) maybe a few extra surprises in store!!! We’d love to see you all there!

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