Monday! Sept 7th! PAT ROSSI from Providence! Plus New Erasure Challenge!

We started our incredible show EARLY last week (8:30pm) get down to Ralph’s by 8pm if you wanna assure yourself a spot on the mic!

FEATURED POET: PATRICIA MARTIN-ROSSI (Pat) at a glance lookspatrossi like a typical suburban housewife. However, she can occasionally be found sharing her poetry in venues throughout New England. Some of her writing sheds that suburban housewife stereotype and reveals a very sensual woman who is not afraid to talk about her deepest sexual desires. She is working hard building a business that will give her the freedom to write full time and work helping victims and survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence find healing in writing and other forms of art. Writing is her refuge. In addition to her poetry Pat is passionate about music, photography, Scrabble, cooking, baking and spending time with family and friends, but she is most passionate about her daughter Marissa and her son Michael; her two greatest accomplishments in life. She has one chapbook, My Soul Exposed a Collection of Poems by Patricia A. Martin-Rossi, which is an excellent example of the rawness and honesty in her writing. Pat also hosts a poetry show called Word of The Day every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Check out the website, or the FB page Word of The day, for more details about upcoming features. Poets can email Pat regarding possible feature dates at cards

BONUS RUCKUS: Brand New Type of Erasure Challenge! Continuing with the back to sorta school theme this month, NICHOLAS dug deep into his bag of tricks his parents hoped would lead to a career in medicine, vintage wild life learning cards! You know, those flash cards you’d see advertised on TV back in the day? Animal photos on the front, tons of info on the back? Like baseball cards for animals! Well, we’re gonna bring some of these down on Monday, give you a sharpie and see who can erase enough of those words, down until you have an amazing poem. Best presentation gets a beverage on us! Wickid Smaht!

tobiasGuest visual artist TOBIAS IRVING will be bringing his talents to our canvases for the first time this Monday! House band RUCKUS is losing a trombonist (best of luck in Canada GIANCARLO, eat some poutine for us!), but have gained a reputation of being the baddest backing band in the biz! I got alliteration like woah! YOSH & MIKEY are working hard and not minding the impending cooling of weather! Make sure you check out & 7 HILLS SLAM this Sunday if you can’t wait to get a poetry fix! Also, if you just miss us, feel free to watch the Dirty Gerund Show on WCCA TV’s Soundcheck, starring the Dirty Gerund Show from this past May! Hey ma! We on the TV!

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