Monday! August 24th! SCOTT BEAL from ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN! Plus the new “Prompt & Circumstance!” Writing Challenge

Best summah evah!

POETRY FEATURE: SCOTT BEAL’s first full-length collection, Wait ‘Til bealYou Have Real Problems, was published by Dzanc Books in November 2014. His poems have appeared recently in RattlePrairie SchoonerBeloit Poetry JournalMuzzleSouthern Indiana ReviewSonora Review, and the 2014 Pushcart Prize anthology. Beal teaches in the Sweetland Center for Writing at the University of Michigan and serves as Dzanc Writer-in-Residence at Ann Arbor Open School. He co-authored Jangle the beal2Threads with Rachel McKibbens and Aracelis Girmay (Red Beard Press, 2010) and Underneath: The Archaeological Approach to Creative Writing with Jeff Kass (Red Beard Press, 2011). Beal has competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam and has been a featured performer at schools, bookstores, and poetry slams around the country, including the Green Mill in Chicago, the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe in New York, and the Cantab Lounge in Boston. He curates and co-hosts the Skazat! monthly poetry series in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he plays cards and watches Adventure Time with his two daughters.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first evah, “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” Writing and Presentation Challenge! Nick’s 4th idea is always the best! sharpieTrue story, had to sit through three variations of “something to do with emoji’s” before Nick changed course and found us a winner! We’ll take a few competitors, you’ll be given a random physical object AND a sharpie. The item will serve as your prompt AND your notebook. We will ask three special guests to critique your final poem on writing, presentation and aesthetic of how your poem appears on your prompt! Winner will receive a swell prize! Take that 3-D printer phenomenon!

DEANNA MENDOZA will be returning on visual arts! House band RUCKUS will most likely change their name again! But we have visual ruckusbandproof that they all exist at the show at the same time! YOSH & MIKEY wouldn’t mind a staff picture on our website themselves! This will be third snack in a row for EMILEE MORREALE, someone better think about stepping up quick! Come down to the Hangover Hour this Sunday to watch Alex read poems written by a dead writer! 5pm, Nick’s Bar on Milbury Street, Worcester!

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