Monday! August 17th! CASSANDRA de ALBA from Boston! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

More stars under the stars!

POETRY FEATURE: CASSANDRA de ALBA’s work has appeared in cassandraThe Nervous Breakdown, Skydeer Helpking, Illuminati Girl Gang, Drunken Boat, and Vector Press, among other publications. She’s represented Slam Free or Die (Manchester New Hampshire) and Hampshire County (Massachusetts) at the annual National Poetry Slam. She studies the history of sideshows, writes poems about deer, and hand-makes chapbooks titled after the pop culture of her heart, most recently Lake of Rage and Cool Trash Magazine. You can find her in Medford, MA in an apartment called the Feral Bitch Palace. We’ve been meaning to bring her to our stage for some time and are psyched to finally make it happen!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER “IVASE vs. ROLLOCK” – we threw down the gauntlet and went fishing for a new challenger for RAINY’s IRON POET TITLE and think we’ve come up with an interesting match/mash-up. JIGHJIGH TERSOO IVASE has been coming to our open mic with some seriously excellent work lately, TYLER ROLLOCK‘s a dgshow-andersonvoice that we haven’t seen for some time. Let’s throw an ingredient at them at the start of the show. Give them an hour to produce three poetic concoctions. Then we’ll grab three judges at halftime and most all of you know the rest! Boom! Winner get a shot at the title in September!

Packed open mics of awesome! SNACKS! VISUAL ARTS! MUSIC by RUCKUS! Burgers by YOSH & MIKEY! All the rest. I’m done typing! Thanks to Doug Anderson for the rocking photos from this past Monday’s show (see photo above these words)! Please come back!

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