Monday August 10th! ADAM GRABOWSKI from Western Mass! Plus! The “HERE U DO SOMETHING WITH THIS!” Summer Pop Smash Remix Challenge!

Thanks all for coming out this past Monday! Another (inter)stellar night under the stars! Here’s hoping we have many more while the weather’s right and not hailing-y! grabowski

POETRY FEATURE: ADAM GRABOWSKI’s poetry can be heard on and in The Naugatuck River Review. He counts his voice as part of the Northampton Poetry Open Mic mosaic, a happening community that runs slams and open mics every Tuesday. ( Most recently Adam was part of the Amherst Art Walk where he got to yell his poetry in Emily Dickinson’s parlor under the banner of civic entertainment.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “HERE YOU DO SOMETHING WITH THIS” Summer Pop Hit REMIX Challenge! It’s summer, we’re feeling kinda lazy. About the only thing we can handle under this humidity is fanning summertimeourselves under the rocking chair while remembering the greatest pop song hits of summers of yore. The only problem? Most of these songs don’t hold up as much as we recall. Maybe you all can make some poetic adjustments, cut and paste, erasure style and remix us something we can hum along to while thinking about all those hot dog eating contests, cliff diving and first make out seshes. We’ll take 5 competitors. We’ll give you the lyrics to summer hits from the past. You reshape them into something we might actually want to listen to. Best one gets a drink and a prize! You might have to wear arm floaties. Extra points for summer camp time gear or other summery accessories.


NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is now a star of stage(ish) and screen(ish) as he nickymeme made a recent appearance on Dale LaPage’s “This is the Nightlife” TV show! (Editors Note, it reportedly took several hours of exhausting takes to get enough footage for Nicky’s 4 minute spot, but if you que it up at minute ten, we think you’ll think all that work and crying was worth it!) Nicky also taught himself how to make a meme! Big week!

Check it HERE there’s scat singing and suit wearing smoothness!

RUCKUS will be in the (outside the) house to rock you all night! Rumor has it that BRITTANY DAVIS (no relation) will be there to paint the night away! Thanks to Lindsey for helping us avoid the rice cake alert (also saving us from Sam’s passive aggressive kimchi snack idea)! Come hang out this Monday! We plan on sending the slam team vibes while they unpack their bags in Oakland!

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