Monday! August 3rd! Poet/Emcee OOMPA from Boston! Plus The “EMILY DICKINSON on HELIUM” Challenge!

oompa2FEATURED ARTIST: OOMPA is an educator by day, artist by life (as someone once said). She is a Roxbury-based Hip-Hop artist, Spoken word performer, and lover of all things music. The child of a southern black woman raised in the 30s, she is heavily inspired by the sounds of artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Marley down. A 90s baby, she is the product of Lauryn Hill, TLC, John Legend, Jazmine Sullivan, and Kendrick Lamar. There are far too many to oompaname. Her music and poetry always grapple with identity, success, and politics, as experienced by a black, queer, woman, from Academy Homes (inner-city Boston). Oompa holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Bucknell University in English, Creative Writing and Education and has performed at a number of different events in Lewisburg, PA and Boston. When she’s not on stage you can find her trying to find ways to get back on stage…or working with di yout dem…or hanging out with her beautiful niece and nephews. Check out videos and tracks at

BONUS RUCKUS: The return oheliumatompssscdsboncaf the “EMILY DICKINSON on HELIUM!” Challenge! – we got our hands on another helium tank and we’re gonna share the windfall. We dig poetry from the canon, but with someone like the reclusive Emily Dickinson, we just don’t know what she sounded like or even if she had an affinity for helium, so we feel completely justified covering her work after sipping a little helium. We’re CRAZEE? you say? fine. Whoever signs up, kicks the best cover version in the best high pitched voice gets to float high in the sky of victory and will take home an awesome prize! Bring your favorite Dickinson piece, or choose from our staggeringly small selection!

House band ruckus gets high on music and sometimes other things! RICE CAKE ALERT has been quelled for a week with EMILEE coming to the last minute defence of one SAM C. He’s on the hook. He needs to bring the 7hillsslamsnack this Monday or else the rice cake disappointment will fall on his reputation! MALT! If you see Sam, let him know! THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME LAST WEEK! We raised over $500 for the Seven Hills Slam Team (pictured to the right). If you want to check out their fine words one more time before they head to Oakland, come to the first Sunday Show at Sahara! Check the event invite HERE! It’s gonna be sexy or something! Visual artist and extra ruckusy bits to be announced via facebook soon! We had a packed mic again last week, so please get there by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! This week’s show is gonna be fire!

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