Monday 7/13 DG LOCAL SHOWCASE w/ Comedy from KATIE “Tak” MOGEL & Music from EYE WITNESS!

We’ve had a really great run outside featuring the best in poetry from regional and nationally renowned poets! Let’s switch gears a bit and shine a shiny spotlight on some of our local talent, variety style!

mogelCOMEDY FEATURE: KATIE ‘TAK” MOGEL is a whip smart, funny, FUNNY, FUNnYY lady who’d featured her poetry on our stage before! Member of a few Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team’s back in the day, Katie is a regular at the DG and has been working on some stand-up routines that we can’t wait to stand up and clap for! Whether computer coding, touring with Speaker for the Dead in 2014, or scening it up, Worcester style, Katie’s infinitely sharp brand of satire is just what we need to yuk it up proper this Monday! Her poetry and comedy is more punk than your band! First set is hers, then….

MUSICAL FEATURE: EYE WITNESS – Eye Witness is the indie-folk duo of eyewitnessMilo and Rainy (who happens to be our current IRON POET CHAMPION btw). They hail from West Boylston, MA and are frequenters of the music scene in Worcester MA and parts beyond. They have stories to tell. Halfway through a show on 06/07/08, Milo proposed to Rainy onstage at Ralph’s in Worcester. She, of course, accepted. Otherwise, it may have made for quite an awkward second half of the set. They were married in September of 2009, in a fun ceremony complete with a kazoo crew belting out “Here Comes the Bride” . They have a home in West Boylston where they live, love, write and rehearse. They have welcomed a sweet dog named Lupe who is their constant companion and patient critic of all their works. Check out music and more at
brekainBONUS RUCKUS: The second evah! “SAVE OUR COMMUNITY CENTER” Impassioned Poetic Plea Challenge! Ok. Here’s the deal. Every now and then we want to know what this show means to you. Actually. So. We’re creating a not so real scenario where (ahem) RALPHS Diner is in danger of being demolished so that a realtor can sell the property to the City or WPI or Turtleboy Sports or something! Gross right? (don’t worry it’s not really real), so there’s only one thing stopping the bulldozers, that’s you! And your impassioned poetic plea to save our community center (not unlike those feel good break dancing moments in Breakin’ 2 Electric Bugaloo)! Ain’t nobody stopping us, no stopping…. Be the best to pop and lock your words to convince the bulldozer to quit it already, and win a prize!

RUCKUS the band rocks our faces! Expect a return from the Snack time 7hillsqueen this week? Visual arts by JON GUIDA. We’ve been having so much fun outside we keep forgetting to tell yo uto bring bug spray! YOSH & MIKEY are contemplating tank tops to better serve you in this humidity! The 7 HILLS POETRY SLAM is raising money to get themselves to the National Poetry Slam to represent the 508, you can help them by donating HERE! They;re a third of the way to their goal to get to Oakland! ORRRRR….. you can attend their yard sale, BBQ fundraiser party this Saturday in Worcester, all day, check the invite HERE and hang with Worcester’s finest as you score some crazy deals and help a worthwhile cause! Cause we said so!

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