Monday June 22nd! Reigning Indie World Poetry Slam Champ PORSHA OLAYIWOLA!

POETRY FEATURE: Black, dyke, poet, lover hip-hop feminist, womanist porshaOfriend, PORSHA OLAYIWOLA is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances. A resident of Boston, by way of Chicago, Porsha O is the winner of the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam.  She is a teaching artist who loves engaging with young folks via the medium of poetry.  In 2013 & most recently 2015, she coached and mentored a group of young poets as they went on to become the Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts State champions. Her intention is to speak, love, and maintain a cypher that is undocumented, uncontrollable and just plain ole dope. She currently serves as team member and co-slammaster for Boston House Slam! This is her second feature at the DG, let’s make this one memorable!

BONUS RUCKUS: The long anticipated? Pie-klu Challenge? Every time we try to call this one, it rains and we have to go inside and behave (not trying to get pie on the floor, you know?) We’ll hide the haiku beneath the pie. We’re timing how long you can get to the bottom and read the haiku. Fastest time wins special prize! Maybe if I refuse to add a photo of pies, maybe that will break the hex.

Our friend STEFANO will be taping this Monday’s proceedings, bring your best. MATT & the BASTARDS and YOSH & MIKEY & EMILEE & ARTISTS AND OPEN MICERS always do.

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