Monday! June 1st! The legendary RYK McINTYRE returns! Plus “Pie-Ku” Challenge!

Poetry under the stars has been working out! Let’s hope the no rain on Mondays continues!

POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE can be counted among the ryk2Boston Poetry at the Cantab originals; in 1991, he represented the venue at the National Poetry Slam. A mainstay of the scene. After a fourteen-year absence from the National Poetry Slam, Ryk earned a spot on the venue’s slam team in 2005, setting the record for Cantab slammer with the longest hiatus and return. Additionally, he slammed in national competition for Worcester and Providence over the past few years and was also featured at the very first Legends of Slam showcase at the 2006 National Poetry Slam. Ryk has toured nationally and in Canada, opening for acts as varied as Leon Redbone, Andrei Codrescu and Jim Carroll. He has performed his work at NYC’s New School and Boston’s ICA and Strand Theater, as well as appearing as part of Lollapalooza. He has been published in Short Fuse- An Anthology Of New Fusion Poets, 100 Poets Against The New World Order, Aim for The Head (Write Bloody Press), nthposition, The Worcester Review, The Huffington Post & released a full length collection After Everything Burns, available on Sargent Press. Ryk’s a Worcester favorite and he’s coming really close to breaking the seal on our first “5 Timers Club” feature record, ala SNL Baldwin fame.

BONUS RUCKUS: Let’s try this again, now! with a better name, the piePIE-KU Eating and Performance Challenge! There’s a haiku at the bottom of the pie. We’ll time you and see who rocks this the fastest. Winner gets an awesome prize that’s not a pie. We assure you. You are so assured. (Note: we’ll only do this outside, cause it could get messy) You are now even more assured!

They don’t serve pie at Ralph’s. If you’re lucky, perhaps snack time queen Emilee will bake and serve pies for snack time. Maybe you got it like that and wish to volunteer yourself. Email Emilee and we’ll sing your praises (does not have to be pie, by the way, just can’t stop on this pie jag). YOSH & MIKEY don’t want pie in their beards! They do like tips in their jars!

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