Monday! May 25th, 7 Hills Slam Team Member ASHLEY WONDER! Plus! The Picnic Pie Haiku Challenge!

Will be out under the stars again?! We hope so! Thank you and great job getting down to sign up early this past week! We started just after 9pm for the first time in a long time! Let’s keep up the consistency!

POETRY FEATURE: 7 Hills Poetry Slam Team Members ASHLEY ashleywonderWONDER has been writing poetry for over 15 years and performing Spoken Word for the past 8, in her hometown of Worcester, throughout Boston, Providence, and as far as Maryland. She is a Slam Poet in the Worcester and Boston poetry scenes and won her first Slam in Worcester December 2014. Her chapter book Miraculous Wonder is now available. She uses her life experiences, relationship with God, to help inspire and motivate others to always have hope. She is known to perform with dynamic passion no matter the content in hopes of positively impacting her audience.

BONUS RUCKUS: The STATE FAIR PIE EATING CONTEST W/ pieeatingcontestPOEM! Challenge! Let’s get foolish! Spring time brings thoughts ofcarnivals and the festivals and outdoor shenanigans. We’re much more comfortable getting messy outside, so let’s rock a pie eating contest. We’ll plant a poem at the end of your pie. Contestants speed to the finish and whoever can read their piece the fastest, wins a special prize (probably some cash included to cover your dry cleaning bill!) This one’s gonna get super mature super fast!

Rumors have it we WILL have a visual artist this week. MATT & THE WANKERS are enjoying the fresh air! We’re still tinkering with the lights and outdoor set up, we’ll try to make things a little more cozy this Monday. Thanks to MUNCHIES nickgerundMIDNIGHTS MENU for providing us with the delicious snack time! Any volunteers wanna follow up on this great cheer? NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (pictured garbling to the right) wishes to institute his first DG weekly writing prompt this week (on instagram?), anyone bringing in a new piece from the prompt will be under consideration for a $10 open mic prize, straight outta his pocket. Nick’s investing in your awesome poems! YOSH & MIKEY would like to remind you that any prize money taken from Nick can easily be exchanged for goods and services from the bar! Capitalism!


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