Monday, May 18th! Write Bloody Author SARAH Q MORGAN! Plus! “Summer Blockbuster? or poem?” Guess Challenge!

DIRTY GERUND ASKS YOU TO PLEASE plEASe, PLEase, arrive before 9:30pm if you wish to share on the open mic. WE ARE TRYING TO BEGIN SHOWS AT 9PM. 9PM. 9PM!!!!! AND IF YOU SHOW UP WANTING TO PERFORM AT 9:45PM, well that puts us in a weird spot. We will begin instituting a stricter policy this Monday. If that means shorter shows until people “get” it, then okay…

There, said my piece. Now to the fun!

POETRY FEATURE: SARAH Q. MORGAN is a Chicago-based poet whosarahmorgan tours the country performing work from her full-length collection of poetry, Animal Ballistics (Write Bloody Press). Sarah has been published in several literary journals including decomP, Mad Swirl, and Bestiary Magazine. She is a member of the Speak’Easy Ensemble – a spoken word poetry group founded by Marc Smith, founder of the National Poetry Slam. A Pushcart Prize nominee sarahmorgan2and regular voice at the famous Green Mill, Morgan is making a name for herself on the literary circuit, navigating both the page and the stage.

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER or POEM?” Quote Guessing Quiz Show challenge! We’re starting to feel that summer time heat and pollen in the air. It makes Nick think of two things; jumping in rivers and cooling out at the cinema! Forget those french art-house, meta drama think pieces, (Worcester Theaters don’t get those anyways). Nick likes his flicks, loud, arrogant and smashy! Nick’s gonna take famous quotes from summer smash hits and pair them with equally boisterous lines from well known poems. He bet’s you can’t tell them apart. Be the first to guess three correct, prove him wrong and get a prize!

SNACKS will be provided by MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES, or check them out rainyon Milbury Street after you’re outta the bahs! MATT & THE WANKERS (new name) will be laying down the music grooves. ALL HAIL. CONGRATS TO OUR NEW IRON POET CHAMPION RAINY MAPLE! ALL HAIL!!! a well earned victory over longest running champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS who frankly, has been winning too many things lately (WoMag’s Reader Poll’s Best Poet & 7 Hills Slam Gran Slam Champ). YOSH & MIKEY look forward to seeing you all frollic on the patio this Monday! SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER TIME, LET’s JUST SIT BACK & …. never mind, let’s get cranked up!

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