Monday May 4th! CCASH POETRY SLAM! $50 Prize – “Bring the Heat” Performance Challenge! Plus! CABLE ACCESS IN THE HOUSE!

So… apparently Worcester Cable Access is looking to do a piece about The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. They’ll be shooting all night, so dust off them flashy duds and come grab some poetry and suds!

POETRY FEATURE: CASH MONEY POETRY SLAM w/ the BAND! Dirty Gerund needs to reschedule Sarah Q. Morgan, so, we thought we’d celebrate this Sunday’s Seven Hills Team Selection Slam with a next day poetry slam party! Just one hitch. You have to perform two poems with the band! There’s a curve ball for ya! 2 rounds! Winner gets $50, second place gets $20. Third place gets $10! Wow! (need to have 4 slammers in place however) because you never know that the band’s gonna bring to the table, we’re extending the clock to 4 minutes instead of the standard three.

BONUS RUCKUS: The BRING THE HEAT Performance Challenge – We verywasabi well might find ourselves outside this Monday (forecast looking kinda good) so NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wishes to manifest this heat with our good green friend WASABI! Down a spoon full of everybody’s favorite sushi condiment and do your best to keep your cool through a series of firey haikus. Best performance or best maintainer, wins a prize! Spit hot fire!

SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM FINALS THIS SUNDAY! 8 awesome local dirtygerundflier2poets will vie for spots on this year’s 2015 Slam Team, heading to Oakland, CA in August! Come down to the Sahara on Highland at 7pm for an open mic before the main event! Sorry but, MATT & the BASTARDS won’t be on hand to play music (not allowed in poetry slam). YOSH & MIKEY are pondering off season Celtic moves. I’m sure we’ll have an amazing visual artist and snack for ya’ll this Monday! Look MAH! I’m on the T-V! Ooooh! Also, Throwback Thursday flier from back when we had local arts council funding. We’d like to kick things in gear with another flier campaign and NICHOLAS is throwing his money where his cake-hole is! He’s offering $50 for the best flier design. You can download most all info right off this poster (not a lot has changes) we still rock!

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