Monday 4/20! RUSHELLE FRAZIER BOOK & CD RELEASE! Plus the Four20 Challenge!

Will this Monday be the Monday we go outside? 60plus degrees people, we can do this!

POETRY FEATURE: Rushelle Frazier is a queer black feminist writer rushellefraziercurrently based out of her hometown of Worcester, Ma. Rushelle is a finalist for the 2015 Worcester Slam Team. She is the co-originator of the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. Rushelle is also a permaculture educator, herbalist, urban farmer, counselor, and poetry organizer. Her new Chapbook, Heavy Honey, is her eighth chapbook and is released by Doublebunny Press, and she worked with Worcester’s own DJ Muse to produce the CD.
Rushelle will also have her hand-poured soaps for sale. Because soaps totally go with poetry shows, right?! AND IT’S ALSO HER BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The (snicker, giggle) 4/20 Challenge (guffaw) – Disclaimer: The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show and it’s host venue Ralph’s Rock Diner does not endorse the use of weed. However, we understand that the tide is turning in America and that 4/20 is indeed a thing. In celebration of it’s “thing-ness” NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (on his own personal private time) will experiment (under proper clinical conditions of course, in a state 420where the purchase and use is legal). Someone will read him classic poems. He will then interpret the meanings of the poems and explain what they mean on a higher level. A responsible note taker will transcribe his responses and we will share the results for three game players who wish to win a frosty beverage on us at the show. We will go multiple choice on this one. Guess correct, get a point, get three points, win that drink! So… thirsty…

Guest visual arts by Gerund Favorite JENNY ISME! Band members jennyismeMATT, ALEX & ANDREW are still looking for a slick photo of them rocking out live, so we can share on our Ruckus Staff Page! Someone take a photo with their phone at the show already! I think? we have a snack volunteer for this week! Check with Emilee ya’ll! YOSH & MIKEY are weaning themselves off hockey by slapping burgers off the grill with a stick! Congrats to RAINY MAPLE on her IRON POET Qualifier win last Monday! She will face ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS next month for the title!

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