Monday! April 13th! ASTRID DREW from Providence! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

Seems like so long ago, we missed out on an awesome February show when we got snowed out three weeks in a row! Well it’s time to start catching up on all those great words we missed! Re-do!

POETRY FEATURE: ASTRID DREW is many things, but some of them astriddreware: writer, reader, archivist, organizer, and coffee-drinker. She has been a staff member of the Providence Poetry Slam for over four years, and was a member of the 2014 Providence Slam team that competed this past summer in Oakland California. When not writing, or researching maritime history like it’s her job (cause it is), she likes to go running with her pit bull mix, and attending live shows in her favorite little city.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFER (? vs. ?) It’s time to choose another challenger to face current champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS! Who wants some? In the next couple days, we will identify and recruit two worthy candidates, but if you’ve got suggestions or wish to throw your hat in the ring, get at us! Contestants will learn the secret aaronwhite-gerundingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN, then create 3 concoctions. Haiku, short original poem, and incorporation poem! Highest scoring poet moves on for a shot at the title next month! (throwback wednesday(?) DG painting by AARON WHITE!

HOLY CRAP, MATT & THE BASTARDS are offering offerings to their gods for the weather to be nice enough to go OUTSIDE!!! Snack & Visual artist to be announced soon! YOSH & MIKEY think your burger orders could use more tips! Get down to RALPH’s and LIVE!!!

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