Monday! April 6th! D.RUFF visits from Boston! Plus “State Your Business” Writing Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

dRuffPOETRY FEATURE – D.RUFF is the co-host and anchor of the “if you can Feel It, you can Speak It” Open Mic, series, held every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Bella Luna/Milky Way in Jamaica Plain. He has been writing for over 15 years, performing for over 10 years and is a member of Writers’ Block (with Matt Ganem, Gia Flores and Kimo Hill). Over the past decade, he has featured at venues such as The Middle East, Slades Bar & Grille, The Haley House, Darryl’s Corner, The Strand Theater dRuff2and The Apollo Theater. Additionally he has performed at Bay State College, Boston University, Emerson College and Wheelock College. His book, “Staying on 94: Tales from a Misguided Soul”, is a collection of his performance and written poetry. Most of his poems stem from personal experiences and observations, and therefore range in topics from love and heartbreak to inequality and culture. D.Ruff performs with a unspeakable passion in hopes that society will recognize the flaws in institutionalism, find bravery to collectively speak and start to demand real change for future generations.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “STATE YOUR BUSINESS” Writing businesscardChallenge. Co-Host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is always networking. There isn’t a Saturday of Sunday Morning where he doesn’t empty his pockets to find several business cards from folks he doesn’t remember meeting. Perhaps you all can help fill in the missing scenes by going persona on some of these business cards. Your job? Pick a card, any card from Nick’s stack of lost memories, write short poem about the type of business, or write from their perspective. Deliver your piece at half time and win a special prize! Bonus points if the person who’s card you chose is in the room and feels you’ve captured them and their business correctly! Could happen right?

RICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! Benevolent Snack time queen7hills-flier-april EMILEE MORREALE has been gracious enough to bring amazing culinary achievements the past three weeks. House rules state that if no-one volunteers, Dirty Gerund will be featuring bland, saltless, generic rice cakes for your snack. If you want to save the day, notify Emilee at by Sunday 4pm, or else…. MATT & the BASTARDS need to send us a photo if they want to get on our Ruckus Staff page! YOSH is planning an impromptu Easter Egg hunt in MIKEY’S BEARD! If the weather reports no rain and 60 degrees outside, we plan on taking the show out on the patio, so stay tuned to our facebook  page – ALSO if you’re looking to get outta the holiday house and hear some good words THIS SUNDAY, SAHARA RESTAURANT hosts the last open qualifier for the SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM. Last chance to slam for a slot in our May Finals to select the 2015 Worcester Poetry Slam Team. Guest feature by Boston’s MEAGHAN FORD! Not to be missed! Right?

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