Monday March 30th! Get Free w/ RICKY ORNG from Lowell! Plus! “Too Cool for April Fool’s” Fooling Challenge!

NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS would love to thank all the great folks who came down this past monday, celebrated his birthday and roasted him oh so thoroughly. ALEX CHARALAMBIDES would like to remind ya’ll that the roasting doesn’t necessarily have to stop. Let’s sprint towards Spring!!!

POETRY FEATURE: RICKY ORNG is a Cambodian-American rickyorngperformer and educator based in Lowell, Massachusetts’ Little Cambodia. He is the Director of Lowell’s Youth Spoken Word organization, FreeVerse! – and helped coach their youth slam team to finals stage at Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts 2012, 2013, Brave New Voices 2011, San Francisco; and most recently the 2014 Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts Champions. Ricky hosted the first Asian American & Pacific Islander Poetry Reading at National Poetry Slam in Boston in 2013. He currently hosts the bi-monthly Untitled Open Mic. His works has been featured on Angry Asian Man, Absolutely Fobulous, Lowell’s Artist Anthology, Young Angel Midnight; and Cambodia’s first bi-lingual fashion publication, F-Magazine. Ricky is a Gemini, loves Autumn, bikes occasionally and photographs people for fun. His works can be found on his poetry & arts blog.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Too Cool for April Fool’s” Comedian or Artistic image of microphone against a rustic brick wall with spPoet Guess Challenge! So much access to great comedians and poets on the internets these days! Sometimes poetry can be so side splitting that you wonder why the comedy shows aren’t banging down their doors. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wishes to test this theory and see how “fool”ish some of you may look while guessing. He’s gonna grab lines from stand up comedy specials and popular poems, yuck them in your face, and we’ll ask three players to guess comedian or poet. Guess correct? Get a point. Guess wrong? Lose a point while we shout “fool!” at you. First to three correct wins a frothy prize on us! I pity the fool, verily! Am I right folks?

WE ARE IN A RICE CAKE ALERT! I repeat RICE CAKE ALERT! The Dirty Gerund Poetry ShowContact let Miss Emilee know you wish to volunteer snack time. If she has to produce another snack this week, the following week will result in a tasteless, generic, non salt having rice cake! We hate to do it. House band has been killing it recently! YOSH & MIKEY hope the laughs and tips keep coming! Dirty Gerund has gotten our dose of humility last week and is committed to creating new memories for you all to make fun of for years to come! TV’s just not that great on Mondays. We don’t have cable anyways.

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