Monday! March 23rd! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS BIRTHDAY ROAST! Special Surprise Guests!

nickdavis1This ain’t your slightly older cousin’s Gerund! This Monday, we disregard our regularly scheduled programming to leverage the fux outta our main carnival barker’s 30th trip around the sun!

FEATURE: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is turning 30 and even though our community regularly roasts this fool week in week out, he’s decided that he wants a coordinated effort to comically time him back to the period before the stone age. We’ve contacted numerous folks who’re funny, sharp and willing to deliver 3-5 minute bursts of unbridled ridicule, all for the good cause of bringing this sack a tato’s back down off that cloud he’s been fishing from all these years. Frankly things are just going too well for Nicky lately, so sharpen those pressure cookers people, we’re gonna slow cook this nickdavis2turkey so he STAYS cooked! I’ve been trying to explain to Nick that this entire show series has been one subliminal roast, but he just doesn’t see it. Stick a fork in him. No wait, I think he might like that too much!

OPEN MIC & BONUS RUCKUS – we’ll add some spots on the mic. We’ll rotate poems & songs with guest celebrity roasters. Keep that arts/farts balance intact. We’ve been promised nickdavis4special guest hip hop set to end the evening with a proper dance party!

VISUAL ARTS by MELLISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters, but that’s actually Nicky pictured on the left there) Snack by SAM C! There may be cake. YOSH & MIKEY are gonna slice Nicky open with their bartending skills and count the rings. MATT & the BASTARDS will probably keep their clothes on, while still bringing you the best in musical back-grounding. 30 years means 30 bonafide guaranteed yucks to be had, as the Gerund celebrates the clown prince of words properly!

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