Monday March 2nd! DOC LUBEN from Porltand Oregon! Plus! The “Manifest Sunshine” Manifesting Challenge

So many amazing times last week! Let’s continue to joy punch winter in it’s dumb guts with our shiny spirits! as we welcome…

FEATURED POET: DOC LUBEN is the two-time Poetry Slam Champion doclubenof the Portland, Oregon poetry slam, and was a finalist at the 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam. A writer and performer in L.A. and AZ since way back in the ancient 90s, his stage plays have been featured productions at the Arizona Classical Theater, and he was the Tucson Poetry Slam Champion in 2009. Doc was a panelist and performer at the 2010 Phoenix ComicCon Nerd Slam and was featured at the Rose City ComicCon, and has taught subversive youth workshops in writing and performance for two decades. He trained at the freakishly progressive California Institute of the Arts, where they absolutely do NOT have Walt Disney’s head frozen in the basement.

sunshine-faceBONUS RUCKUS: The “Let’s Manifest Some Sun Shine Already!” Manifesting Challenge! This is a writing challenge. Bring a poem that is guaranteed to help bring this cursed winter to an end already. Or write a poem on the spot that invites the warmth back into our dreary, fed up, hyper-tense, sock soaked lives. Let your words cast their ethereal glow on us, test the sky on its listening skills and replace the ground hog and spring training baseball as the new arbiters of a sunnier happier season! Bring us stanzas so radiant, harvest festivals are planned in YOUR honor! Anything to manifest the sun already! Super awesome prize, trophy and refreshing beverage for the winner!

Speaking of winter winners! Super props to the entire crew at SWEET March 7 Hills_zpsemrgoe5tWorcester, not only for visiting us in support of their coworker Michael G for his first time on the open mic, but also for raising the ruckus level for all our performers, mixing it up and volunteering a special snack time for this week! MATT & THE BASTARDS love to live up to their name and SMASH like the Hulk’s student loan officer. Guest visual arts this week by VOID SANSANGE! She’ll have a tough act to follow as AARON WHITE netted close to DG record auction levels this past week. YOSH is expected back this week in full health, which he’ll need if we get another incredible onslaught of support for this weeks show! MIKEY! Where you at?!!! Also don’t forget, SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM this Sunday night at SAHARA with special guest MEAGHAN FORD! 

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