Monday! Feb 23rd! Worcester Emcee ASHLEY DEYJ! Plus “Personify This” Writing Challenge! Visual Arts by AARON WHITE!

So great to be back! So great so see how many DG fam-sters came through in our return! Like any old man, old man winter wants us to turn it down, but we continue to turn it up! So many notches!

FEATURED ARTIST: ASHLEY DeJARNETTE (aka ASHLEY DEYJ)ashleydeyj is a Worcester based musician who’s mission is to create expressions of truth throughout the world to educate people about self-worth and purpose. She is a rapper, singer, producer, actress, and also plays guitar. She graduated (with honores) from college in 2010 with a Bachelors in Legal Studies and Sociology while acquiring certification as a Paralegal, but came to the realization that her true calling was to educate the public through music and the arts. She decided not to become a statistic and to fully own her destiny as a musician and to always create expressions of truth in order to aid in the spiritual healing of humanity world-wide. She designed, created, and produced her debut album entitled “Lonely Girl Dreams” and is currently working on her second album which will be primarily spiritual, moving from realms of  struggle and hardship into self purpose and worth. Check out some music at

backpackBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “PERSONIFY THIS!” Writing Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS loves his backpack but is not a back-packer. Know what we mean? Neither do we. So NICHOLAS is also a chach-ki collector. He likes books and things and stuff and visiting recycling centers and adorning his space with all sorts of books and stuff and things. He will fill his back pack this Monday and bring it to the show. Your job? Pull an item outta his bag, and write a short poem, personifying what you find. Whoever does that the best at half time, wins a prize!

AARON WHITE will be returning to the easel to paint for you all this aaronwhite-gerundMonday! Sweet! MATT & The BASTARDS were so happy to be back, they didn’t break any of their equipment. We even punk rocked garage band practice jammed before the show cause we couldn’t contain our reunion excitement. Snacks shall be had (and they will be rad!) Thanks to EMILEE MORREALE for her blueberry cream beignettes (no time for spell check) thanks to ADRIANA for her V-DAY leftover chocolate pretzel bouquette! Thanks to MUNCHIES LATE NIGHT for the extra savory perrogie! Nuts to my inability to spell exotic food items properly. Feel free to bring me a dictionary this Monday, and YOSH & MIKEY can smack me in the bum with it between bringing you the best in food & drinks!


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