Monday! Feb 16th! Post Snow Party w/ JONATHAN WOLF & IRON POET QUALIFIER!

If you had ever said we’d miss 3 weeks in a row, I woulda laughed in your face! Father winter is laughing and spitting his gansett foam on all of us right now! Let’s… uhm… humbly… try to do this….

wolfPOETRY FEATURE: Hacker, heckler, father, poet, electro-shock enthusiast JONATHAN WOLF has graced our stage before. Member and/or coach of multiple Worcester Poetry Slam Teams, Jonathan requested a show and chuckled mightily when we offered him the post Valentine’s Day gig. Get ready for two sets of love or not so much love from one of the preeminent performance poetry voices to ever grace a Worcester stage. Few local word-sters have committed to as much passion and/or brain data space to memorizing and delivering his favorite performance poets work, so a set of fast and fierce covers may also not be outta the question. Jon enjoys breakfast foods, anonymous, digital/analogue debates, factually based creation myths and making poems look and sound too good!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: “WORSTER vs. SIMMONDS” – This is a real interesting matchup. MELISSA WORSTER (of the Worcester Worsters) is coming out of a rather long performance hiatus, ready to get her hands back on the IRON POET Champion landscapes (she won our March Madness Tourny a few years back). NICK SIMMONDS (pictured, photo by Christopher Clauss) is a hungry young fsimmondsace on the New England  Scene, slamming people’s faces off in Providence Rhode Island, where he currently resides. These two have never met before, much less met on stage, so this promises to be an intense match up. What’s missing? Well one secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN who’s now had weeks to whip up something good!

stopsnowCongrats on being dumb enough to accept all this record breaking snow Worcester! In sun shinier news, we never expected so many social media pings and pongs of our lovely family members who’ve been missing the show. We’re there with you! Thanks so much for not forgetting us! We have a feeling, that the second we all get back together again, the energy’s gonna smash like Hulk’s bigger brother who’s a bully by the way! School vacation this week! Teachers! Party with us! Visual Arts & Snacks and even house band? We’ll check in with ya’ll this weekend. We hope everybody’s safe, warm and rested up to rock with us this Monday! Woot!

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