Monday Feb2nd! CHANEL DUPREE from NYC! Plus “Personify THIS!” Writing Challenge!

Okay folks two weeks in a row of monday night cabin fever! Unprecedented two week consecutive snow day cancellations at the Gerund! We can’t handle much more of this either so let’s take that pent up energy and help the city out by melting all this nasty snow biz away this Monday!

chanelPOETRY FEATURE: CHANEL DUPREE is a 21 year old spoken word artist who has been writing for ten years. Chanel was the only woman on the 2014 LouderARTS poetry slam team that advances to semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Chanel Dupree was asked to perform on final stage. She’s featured at Yale University’s Global Health Conference, United Nations; promoting women’s advocacy and youth employment. Chanel has also been featured on “At the Inkwell” as one of their inspiring up and coming writers. Chanel’s writing style is one of storytelling and redemption. Spilling everything on the page, showing how being human is a beautiful battle.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “PERSONIFY THIS!” Writing Challenge! stuffYour host NICHOLAS DAVIS has too much stuff in his book bag sometimes. We thought we’d make good use of this and see what our Gerunders can do with some on-the-spot writing for prizes! Reach into the bag of stuff at the start of the show, write a short poem during the first half using our good friend personification (look it up) and deliver your original piece at half time for prizes and glory! Who knows what you’ll find in there. You might wanna wear gloves!

sevenhillsCan’t wait for Monday even? Check out SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM this SUNDAY at 7:30pm as they welcome BOBBY CRAWFORD & RAVEN McGILL! It’s gonna be an amazing show! Open slam for anyone who wants to be considered for the 2014 Worcester Slam Team! MATT & The Bastards House band activate! EVAN LUDY has graciously rescheduled to return for visual arts amazingness! Miss EMILEE misses you all so much and can’t wait to throw a snack at you! We can’t wait to see the poems ya’ll got saved up!

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