2015 has been a dream team of intense awesomeness! Ready for more?

POETRY FEATURE: a food service consultant by day, adriennenadeauADRIENNE NADEAU has spent the last decade spending her nights performing poetry at coffee shops, bars, bookstores, and street corners around the world. Since       arriving in Chicago, Adrienne has served as  co-­slam master    for Lethal Poetry, marketing director for Chicago Slam    Works and has represented Chicago at the National Poetry     Slam with Mental Graffiti (2011) and Lethal Poetry (2013).      She has also competed at regional competitions such as       Southern  Fried, Great Plains Poetry Pile Up and Art on  Art: Ekphrastic Poetry Slam. She’s released the chapbook     “Haters on the Train Won’t Stop Me from Wearing Mini       
Dresses & Listening  to Trap Music” in  January, 2015.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE – A classic, original Dirty Gerund Game! Local emporium master, musician and man about town J STUART ETSY is re-igniting his gonzo condiment business through crowd sourcing and dang it, we’re psyched and gonna support this man’s efforts! Check out his KICKSTARTER PROJECT and support original, local, expectation crushing, cosmically culinary enhancing condiment-making in our soon to be not as bland city! Here’s the deal. We’ll bring thwiggum-burninge Shakespeare Sonnets. Your job, down a heavy shot of Stu’s “King’s Men” Hot Sauce (starring Habanero) and spit those stanzas like your mouth’s on fire, oh wait, it is! Keep your cool the best and win prizes!We’ll see if we can tone it down and get Stu to work with us on snack time as well!

And if that wasn’t enough! RAINY MAPLE SUGAR 20120507-_DSC1199CANDY is our guest visual (and sensory) artist, she’s rocking the corner this Monday, crocheting winter hats just in time for the months ahead! BASTARDS HOUSE BAND may need a kickstarter soon to buy themselves some new equipment (they keep getting all crazy punk rock at show’s end!) NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is literally bursting over the quantity and quality of our open mics lately! New readers, songsters, yucksters and mirth makers have made 2015 worth the trouble so far! At least YOSH & MIKEY think so! We don’t know everything you like, but goddamn it, we’re gonna keep throwing things at you this year and seeing what sticks!

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