Monday! Dec 29th! 508 Slam Legend BILL MacMILLAN! Plus! New Resolution Haik-lu Guess Challenge!

If you only go to one Gerund this year….. (hee hee…)

billmacmillanPOETRY FEATURE: REV. BILL MacMILLAN is primarily responsible for god-fathering performance poetry in this town! Fact. Co-Founder of Worcester’s Poets Asylum, Bill played a major factor in putting Worcester on the map. Directing the 2000 National Poetry Slam in Providence and the 2005 Indie World Poetry Slam in Worcester, Bill ensured national level attention to our region. Former punk rocker, current armor re-furbisher with WAM, painter, trophy maker, family man billmacmillan2and lest we forget, a damn fine writer who’s won the National Poetry Slam (1996) and represented Worcester numerous times in National Competitions. Bill’s celebrating a birthday this week and has chosen our show to retire and scrap all the art he’s ever made up until this point. We are honored, so honored in fact that we haven’t booked a visual artist this week, so that all them auction dollars can be spent on the art work he’s bringing us, plus two sets of career defining iconic poems born in this city he loves so much! Be there!

BONUS RUCKUS: The New “New Year’s Resolution, drunknewyearsHai-klue Guess Challenge!” Let’s make good decisions and of course end 2014 proper as your indefatiguable co-hosts write original hai-klues describing resolutions we have absolutely no intention of keeping. But that doesn’t mean you won’t! Buzz in and guess correct three times and win a frothy, ice cold prize on us! House band BASTARDS get classier this week as drummer ALEX THORSEN steps out for a non-gerund gig. Have no fear, RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is stepping in and will snare her way into our hearts this week! YOSH & MIKEY aren’t Santa, but they’ll make you feel enchanted as they treat you to the best in burgers and drinks. Got hosed on your holiday wish list? You were probably bad, but the Dirty Gerund treats you to the finest in Ruckus every damn week! Huzzah!

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