Monday Dec 22nd! ALEX owns 40! w/ Special Guest BRIAN ELLIS! PLUS “New Duet” Challenge?! $50 Cash Prize!

AlexGerundMaskSo much amazing last week! Dirty Gerund nears the end of another year! Organizer and co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES is celebrating his 40th Birthday this week by writing about himself in the 3rd person, leveraging his party to support the show and generally pulling out as many stops as he can to make it more than a memorable monday night art party! In lieu of presents, please drag a friend to this show to make it all the more epic!

SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE: – BRIAN S. ELLIS (photo Brian_Ellis_by_Richard_Beaubienby Rich Beaubien) is a writer born in New Hampshire and raised on Cape Cod who became a poet while attending a weekly open mic at the Cantab Lounge. He is the author of three collections of poetry: Uncontrolled Experiments in Freedom, Yesterday Won’t Goodbye (Both on Write Bloody Press), and American Dust Revisited. (on University of Hell Press). He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Brian is one of Alex’s favorite poets and he called in the “I’ll owe you a huge favor” if you take a moment from your holiday visit back to Massachusetts from Oregon trip to feature at his show. It worked. You gotta respect the hustle!

duet-catsBONUS RUCKUS: The overdue, let’s do this so we don’t have to reschedule again!

ORIGINAL DUET POEM” Performance Challenge! We’ve been trying to get this off the ground, offering $50 to the team of 2 poets that can put together an original poem alex&nick-providenceand rock it on our stage! We have 1 and a half teams at the moment. We need three to make this worthwhile. Write a poem with someone else damn it! Get outta your won head for once! Maybe twice! Please hit us up on Facebook and RSVP by Saturday, or else we’ll have to cancel and think of some other challenge, you know we hate thinking!

soranaDGartSORANA GATEJ (first DG painting she ever did pictured to the left) has agreed to paint for us this Monday! (another in a long line of strings pulled by us!) bring them auction dollars cause you’re gonna have to outbid the host! DG House band MATT & THE BASTARDS welcome back CODY to make them officially the BASTARDS once again! (Feels like summer)!  YOSH & MIKEY are all about special orders and making money by making you happy! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is writing a tribute sonnet to me (or watching netflix, it’s hard to tell!) Alex thinks your mid-life crisis is kinda weak! Watch how it’s done this MONDAY!!!!

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