Monday 11/17!!! SAM CHA from Boston! Plus the “PUPPETRY IN MOTION” Performance Challenge!

sam-chaFEATURED POET: Editor, poet SAM CHA received his MFA from UMass Boston, where he was the 2011 and 2012 recipient of the Academy of American Poets Prize. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from apt, Anderbo, Better, decomP, Cleaver, Printer’s Devil Review, and Memorious. He’s a poetry editor at Radius. He lives and writes in Cambridge, MA. This is Sam’s first feature at the Gerund, so let’s give thanks this November and welcome him, that is after we check out some of his fine work at CleaverMagazine Online!

BONUS RUCKUS: Second ever, “SOCK PUPPETRY IN MOTION” sockpuppetPerformance Challenge! So yeah, we’ve been inspired by a recent return appearance of Dave the Puppet Guy, so we thought we’d go back to the well on this ruckus. Here’s the deal. $20 on the line for the poet who comes to the Gerund with their own sock puppet and performs a piece of their own writing, well who’s puppet best performs a piece of their own writing. We’ll have a make shift curtain or box (box? ya, that’s probably more our speed) to hide behind while your puppet gets all the glory! Best performance get’s cold hard cash dollar bills! Keep the poems under 4 minutes. Dress your sock up and win! Bonus points if your poem references your pupet 😉

ironpoettrophyAll hail new IRON POET CHAMPION BOBBY GIBBS who bested NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS in 3 rounds of gritty competition in “Battle Lysol Disinfectant Spray!” MATT & THE BASTARDS continue to receive props from features! This past Monday was national tuesday holiday bonkers good! Packed house! New performers! All that! We’ve had back to back snack time volunteers the past two weeks, so the rice cake alert is officially off! Super thanks to Monday Doorman & Vemplore Studios Sound Wizard DORIAN GATEJ who gave us the incredible heads up on amazing cheap deal on a new PA system. High 5 him! We’ll take that for a sound spin this Monday and sound better! No more jury rigged equipment that fell off the Doobie Brothers 1987 tour van! WIN! Dirty Gerund is in the market for a new flier campaign. Get at us and get $50 if we choose your design!

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