Monday 11/10! Poet, Emcee, Comic BARAKA NOEL! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Davis vs. Gibbs”!!!

barakanoelFEATURED POET: BARAKA NOEL (a.k.a. Mumbles, a.k.a. Warhol Kaufman) is spoken word artist, poet, emcee and comic embarking on his second national tour. Five years ago, he travelled the country performing hip hop theater & human puppetry with theUnreal, including featured performance slots at the comedy store in Hollywood, Toronto Pride, the Crossroads Theater in Denver, Shark Club in Omaha Hawthorne Theater in pdx and the Green Mill in Chicago, amongst numerous others all around the continent of North America. Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “DAVIS vs. ironpoetbobbyGIBBS” – oh man! the time has come. months and years and days in the making, our two longest running champions are going head to head to decide this championship once and for all (insert more sports cliches here)! The grinder at the diner!!!, as current champion NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS defends his title vs. past champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS! Original haiku, short poem and incorporation pieces. One diabolical secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN! 3 judges will settle the debate! Can’t WAIT!!! There’ll probably be aprons!

ralphsdinerAEPEX POSITION has promised snacks & a new PA system for us to test drive  (thanks for your patience everyone as we try to bring you the best sound as well as things to listen to!)! Thanks to JORDAN for treating us to awesome frozen banana cookie samiches last week! Speaking of BANANAS, CHERYL MADDELENA from Boise left us all breathless with an insane feature! MATT & THE BASTARDS have a choke hold on the house band position and you’d have to bring a pretty big crow bar to pry those instruments outta their hands! Heard we got some special guests coming down from Maine to hang with us! Shaping up to be quite the memorable show! Let’s go!


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