Monday! Nov 3rd! CHERYL MADDALENA from BOISE, IDAHO! Plus the “Cold November Rain, Power Ballad Lyric or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

maddalenaCHERYL MADDALENA is a poet, mommy, engineer, and psychologist… but not all at the same time. Slam-master of Boise, she has reached the National Poetry Slam, Individual World Poetry Slam, Group Piece, and Women of the World Poetry Slam Finals stages as a competitor, backup dancer, emcee, and opening act. She has also made top four at the NUPIC underground indies, been featured as part of the Slam Legends Showcase, and been Haiku Death-match Champion. Cheryl chalks up all of her successes to her unparalleled attendance record since 2001 – no still-competing poet in the world has been to more consecutive National Poetry Slams. Gold star! Photo credit: Cody Spanbauer. This is her first stop on her first ever east coast tour, so come through and make her feel welcome!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever, “80’s Rock Power Ballad Lyric orNovemberRain Slam Poem,” super guess challenge! Yeah, we just wanted to do something to invoke the “Cold November Rain,” Guns & Roses epic power ballad for the chilling that we’re all going to be taking part in soon. Here’s the deal, one of us is gonna deliver either classic lines from popular slam poems, or lyrics from popular 80’s love power ballads. Your job? Buzz in and guess! First to three gets a frosty glass of power on us! or a mullet! Everybody needs somebody… you’re not the only one!!! (insert wicked guitar solo here!)

7 Hills Slam Poster_Nov_Color3-01Congrats to EMILEE “Last Unicorn” MORREALE for her impressive win in the persona costume challenge last week! Also in the great news for Em department, We got the next two weeks of snacks lined up! Rice cake alerts work (especially when spoken aloud and not planted at the end of tedious blog posts, haha). JORDAN FORMICHELLI has got us this Monday and AEPEX POSITION is hitting us up on the 10th! MATT & THE BASTARDS continue to light it up as house band, money in the bucket style! YOSH & MIKEY are impressed with the sounds… and your tips! Remember, the next instalment of SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM is happening this Sunday Night with open mic, open slam, spotlight by ALEX CHARALAMBIDES and feature by the incredible PRINCESS CHAN! Support Worcester Poetry Slam and come down to the SAHARA by 7pm! Share the facebook invite too!

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