Monday! 10/27 – EVE EWING from Chicago (by way of Boston)! Plus! The “Halloween Costume Persona” Challenge!

eveewing2FEATURED POET: EVE EWING is a Chicago-born teacher, writer, artist, and educational sociologist. She is a fourth-year doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Development Manager of the Urbano Project, and co-chair of the Harvard Educational Review and managing editor of Kinfolks: A journal of black expression. Prior to her time at HGSE, Eve was a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. She holds an MAT in Elementary Education from Dominican University, an EdM in Education Policy and Management from HGSE, and eveewingan AB in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. Her essays and commentary have been featured in Time Out Chicago, Newcity, Chicago WeeklyAREA Chicago, and on NPR’sMorning Edition, and her poetry has been published in BlackberryjoINT, Union Station, and Bird’s Thumb. This is Eve’s first feature in Worcester, she scoped the show out last week, read fine work and aced the SALTINE HAIKU SPIT Challenge, so you know she’s a boss!

poemcostumeBONUS RUCKUS: HALLOWEEN COSTUME PERSONA POEM Challenge! Ever wanted to be someone else? I mean, really, stop being you for a second and shift shape into a superhero, sexy angel or barnyard animal? Well here’s your chance to get rewarded and cheered for doing just that! Bring us an original persona poem and dress up to play the part! Goblin, republican, nymph, troll, mermaid? Step outta your comfort zone, step into your poem and take us away to a place we don’t readily recognize! Super prize package for the winner! Extra points if you dress up and pretend you’re NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! not really, but REALLY!!!!

White people, let’s not appropriate other cultures with racist Halloween DGruckusMeandNickcostumes okay? Thanks! MATT & THE BASTARDS took a meteoric step in their quest to hold onto their house band residency by playing the hell outta our show last week! Keep them sweet jams coming players! EMILEE MORREALE has been killing the snack time lately and we don’t see any stop to that particularly delicious brand of rock! Why stress over what halloween party to go to next weekend when we’ve got all your dress up, artistic and party needs happening all in one place days before the actual trick or treatery! Dirty Gerund’s got you on lock!!! YOSH & MIKEY got them treats on lock!!!!

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