Monday! Sept 22nd! Portland’s BEAU WILLIAMS 508-Book Release Party! Plus! ZACK SLICK & the “Back to School” Lit-101 Haik-lu Guess Challenge!

DG-outside-crowdThanks every and all who came and celebrated 5 years of amazing with us this past Monday! It was an epic evening, complete with record releases (congrats Lewis Morris!), visual art auction record breaking (congrats Ana Sol!) and the crowning of a new Miss Dirty Gerund!!! (Congrats Kaleigh Heinhold!) 5 more years? well, we’re in for at least 5 more weeks, heck, maybe 5 more months! That is…. if ya’ll still keep supporting us with the art and smiling at art faces! Year 6! Let’s go!!!!!

POETRY FEATURE: BEAU WILLIAMS is a hard working poet living inbeauwilliams Portland, Maine. He has competed four times at the National Poetry Slam, toured solo and with the poetry collectives Uncomfortable Laughter and GUYSLIKEYOU, lead workshops and taught high school classes from coast to coast. Beau is a co-creator of the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue, beau-book-releasefounder and Editor of Red Bench Press, and 2014 Port Veritas Grand Slam Champion. This is the official Worcester, Massachusetts release party for his new book “Rumham.” He wrote it for you, and hopes you like it. RED BENCH PRESS is a new small press dedicated to finding the hardest working writers from all corners of the world regardless of class, gender, amount of education, race, religion, or age. Good writing by good writers. Contact them at This is Beau’s third time featuring at the Gerund! Let’s make sure he wants to come back for a 4th! He’s pretty. Deal with it!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Back to School” Lit-101 Haik-lue Guess enlgishsyllabusQuiz Show Challenge! – okay, we hope that folks who come to the show are avid readers or at least beasted the required english class readings in high school. Your undaunted co-hosts will cook up special 17 syllable “Haik-lues” where we will offer epically efficient recaps of popular english 101 syllabus fillers and read them out loud. We’ll take 3 literate (saw the movie?) contestants to buzz in and tell us the book. Fist to three guess getters will win a pint of frothy gratitude from a show that hopes you’ve read a gosh-dang-book-in-your-life-for-once! Sheesh!

zackslikThe inimitable blue grassy / bluesy / folk / roots raconteur ZACK SLICK will be returning to offer his take on the one man backing band! If Monday looks any colder than last monday, we may go back inside, but dang it, outside is so much fun!!! We’re hoping certain folks who claimed snack time for next monday come through, if not RICE CAKE APPOCALYPSE awaits you! YOSH & MIKEY are trying to organize a tuesday Bruins in Boston Hockey Road Trip, while they pour your burgers and grill your drinks next Monday! Ralph’s Rock Diner is on a roll and we’re part of the grease, don’t let us run off the rails!

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