Monday! Sept 8th – DG get’s FREE w/ ANTHONY FEBO! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Davis vs. Molnar!”

feboPOETRY FEATURE: ANTHONY FEBO is a poet, actor, youth worker, lover and friend. He founded Mill City Slam, the adult slam poetry scene, and M.O.M.S. the Middlesex/UMass Lowell college slam poetry scene in 2010. Along side his fellow partners in rhyme, in 2009 he founded FreeVerse!, a youth organization dedicated to expand the presence of spoken word in the city of Lowell. He is a lover of theatre and art, a strong believer that poetry is something we live, and a pretty good dancer. It’s been year since this fierce voice featured on our stage and we’re super calla fragile lystic expi alla psyched to welcome him back!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “DAVIS vs. avamolnarMOLNAR” – So incredibly pumped up about this! Your current champion is none other than NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, he’s got his work more than cut out for him as he takes on uber talented upstart AVA MOLNAR in what’s sure to be one of our more incredible iron poet match-ups!  These two competitors will have the first half of the show to write original haiku, original short poem based on a secret ingredient which they must also incorporate in a piece they’ve read at the Gerund before! We’ll select three neutral judges who will score them on taste, presentation and use of the secret ingredient, which will be cast upon us by our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Bon-apetit!

dirtygerundflier2JENNIPUR JANE on the return guest visual artist win! There’ll be another upstairs metal show this monday (last for a while), so let’s get some poets down to drown out the power chords! Snack time is up for grabs! If you’re interested, let us know! YOSH & MIKEY have been working hard! Work even harder to tip the crap outta them! Who’s in the house band this week? Show up and find out! We’re continuing outside for as long as the whether cooperates! Our 5 year anniversary party is just over a week away! Monday September 15th is the party with the annual Miss Dirty Gerund Pageant! Stay tuned for all the shenanigans and get down with us as only you can! Are you good at fliers? Dirty Gerund is looking to launch a new visual arts campaign? If you got the photo-shop chops, talk to us!

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