Monday Sept 1st! DIRTY GERUND FEATURES IT’S OWN NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! Plus! The “Bad Poetry I Wrote in High School” Challenge

Thanks all for the most amazing Dirty Gerund Summer evah! We’re fastly approaching our 5th anniversary of facilitating all these arty good times, so let’s welcome….

nickANDgoatPOETRY FEATURE: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS – what can we say, every week, this lovable lump of oatmeal bumps brings us so much joy with his wild shirtless open mic hosting! Your favorite auctioneer has got too many poems to parse out, just once a week, so we’ve decided it was high time you all got two unbridled, double barrel feature blasts of his classic hits and newest work! Nick first made his barbaric yawp known on the 2004 Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team (yeah, he was young once) and nickdavisGerundwent on to represent Worcester at the 2005 and 2013 National Poetry Slams. He’s released several chapbooks and has a CD out on Vemplore Studios! He’s fronted metal to space jam bands and has a knack for making the band work! We took on organizing duties at the Gerund together in the fall of ’09 and we can’t believe he’s never brought us a full feature! He’s your current Iron Poet Champion so we figured now’s the time! He likes goats, goat cheese and old maps!

baconpoemBONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “Really, really bad poetry I wrote in High School Challenge. We’re back to schooling you with another fun instalment of this classic challenge! We get it, you’re over 21 now and you like to think that those awful “woe is me” stanzas are a thing of the past and in many cases you’re correct. But we challenge you to go to the box in the attic or basement (or your back log livejournal posts) and excavate the worst of the worst from your angtsy literary past! Your feature’s bringing his bad poems from back in the day, and wants you to show us just how bad you used to be before you got so good! Bring one poem, perform that garbage into some gold and win a snazzy prize! School’s back 4-evah!

Thanks to the BASTARD KIDS who’s summer residency is now on hiatus, gerundoutsidebut we’re working out some cool backing band jams for you! We’ll be outside as long as the weather holds! Word is there’ll be some special metal band action upstairs (drop in early at 6pm if you’d like to do some pre-show head banging), so we will dawn the sweatshirts or parkas and continue the ruckus outside! We’re just a couple weeks away from our official 5 year anniversary bash, so stay tuned for the stupendous details! Dirty Gerund’s almost old enough to ride a big wheel and that a big deal! YOSH and MIKEY can’t wait to flip bottles and beef patties as they welcome your biz!

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