Monday! August 25th! Debut of 7 HILLS POETRY SLAM! Winner is finalist for 2015 Worcester Slam Team!!!

You’re regularly schedules Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has been interrupted by this special announcement!

poetryslam101THE SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM QUALIFIER & FUND RAISER is here! Over the past few months, your humble Dirty Gerund team has been meeting, dreaming and scheming with other notable Worcester poets and organizers to initiate a new monthly series, starting in October! THE SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM will create a dynamic, engaging, exciting new poetry show that will feature the best in performance poetry! THE NATIONAL POETRY SLAM has just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, and Worcester was not in the house! We wish to fix this, for next year as NPS makes it’s way back to the east coast! Soooo, if you feel like getting a head start on making the 2015 Worcester Team, head down to Ralph’s this Monday and sign up! Rules: Bring two poems that clock in under 3 minutes when performed. No props, musical accompaniment (sorry house band) or costumes! We’ll pick 5 judges (fair as we can) to score your original poems olympic style! Top scoring poet will win an automatic bid to be a finalist for next year’s team! We’re taking up to 8 poets and might score ourselves a bingospecial guest celebrity host, so hold onto your hats!

BONUS RUCKUS: POETRY SLAM BINGO: Pretty simple! Purchase a special Dirty Gerund Poetry Slam Bingo Card for a dollar to help support the new series. We’ll randomly call out aspects of poetry slam to be found on your card. Be the first to yell “Slam Bingo” and win a cool poetry prize pack!

THIS HAS BEEN OUR BEST SUMMER YET and hope to continue outdoor shows as long as the weather cooperates! KATE MOGUL on the guest visual arts! BASTARD KIDS BACK on house music, (hopefully) with a new instalment of Damien’s 90’s song of the week! We might tinker with the open mic format a bit to accommodate the slam, so get down early to assure yourself a spot! YOSH & MIKEY will pause the netflix que long enough to tell you your outfit looks sharp! Carry on….

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