Monday! August 18th! The legendary SHANE HALL! Plus! “Poetry in Lotion!” yah! we said it! Challenge!

FEATURE: SHANE HALL is a discordian rap star who balances the world shanehallgiggityon his hatred of the mundane.  He’s also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure. Shane Hall is the only performer to have ever achieved Emeritus Status, as he will always be the musical director of our collective hearts forever! What that means, is he’s the first house band leader we ever had, his brilliance and energy was instrumental (pun intended like woah!) in making the Gerund what it is today! Whether he’s plucking the guitar, slapping the bass, rapping circles around his contemporaries or all of the above, this cat is NOT TO BE MISSED! More about this BANANArchist at or jump onto the special invite he created for this once in a decade party!

greenappleBONUS RUCKUS: First of it’s kind, The “POETRY IN LOTION!” Extra sensory guess challenge! We know you see, hear, smell & even taste the Gerund, but are you feeling us? Well, if not, here’s your unique opportunity! Our good friend MANDI RACKERS has a new business venture called MANDI’S GREEN APPLE BEAUTY & HEALTH PRODUCTS and we like to support our friends and tell you about what’s local and health-ful? So, the challenge? NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is bringing short poems and stanzas with the last word chopped off. You’re gonna partner up and expose some skin. You’re gonna have the last word written in lotion, be the first to guess correctly and win a special health-ful prize package from Mandi who will have some products available that night!

Ice Bucket ChallengeIf the weather behaves we’ll be back outside! We expect the return of BASTARD KIDS as backing band, the return of YOSH SHARTIN to the taps and grill and the return of so many ghosts of gerunders past who can’t wait to step to the stage and rock out with this exciting new generation. Think KIRK/PICCARD Fight Club! Also, in honor of all this ALS viral video / ice bucket challenge going around, our Snack Time Director Emeritus EMILEE MORREALE is prepared to live dump ice on her, of every $10 donation made to support ALS research! Bring some extra ice dumping money to support a great cause!

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