Monday August 11th – AMANDA TORRES! Plus “Crazy Celebrity Tweet or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

Holy WOW! was last week all sorts of TNT art explosion!!! We took a risk going outside with a wonky weather forecast, but the gamble paid off and it was one of the more memorable nights in DG History! Let’s keep it goin’!

amandatorresPOETRY FEATURE – AMANDA TORRES is a poet, singer, teaching artist, youth arts activist & Mass LEAP Artistic Director. Winner of the national Brave New Voices Poetry Slam competition and veteran of the original Louder than a Bomb Chicago, she showcased at the firstyouth poetry slam in London. Winner of the Union League Civic Arts Foundation Award for Famanda torres 2iction,she has written articles for Area Magazine and has published work in several anthologies including the Garland Court Review. Currently Youth Arts Program Director for IBA Cacique, she’s presented professional development programs around the country, most recently at Andover Breadloaf andthe Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), NCTE Conference and the Oklahoma Arts Institute. She currently serves as co-founder and co-director of the annual Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts state wide youth poetry festival.

BONUS RUCKUS – The “Was that a CrazEe Celebrity Tweet or Poetry Line?tweet-ferrel Quizzical Guess Challenge? Man! Self Absorbed Celebrities say the darnedest things sometimes and we just can’t get enough! Sometimes Jaden Smith says the deepest stuff and just makes one wonder when his first book of poems is coming out! No time for editing (or cognitive thought) when you’re living life in the fastest lanes, so we figured we’d help these uber famous folks out by culling the vastness of the twittersphere for beautiful gems that can go syllable for syllable against the greatest the poetry canon has to offer! Your job? Be the first to guess “celebrity tweet” or “poem” – get three correct and WIN!

sousaBASTARD KIDS are taking a week off from house band booty shaking duty to allow one of our favorite Ralph’s Bar-Men MIKEY to rock some ambient, technological wizardry around our words! Guest visual artist LIZ SOUSA (pictured left) is no stranger to our stage and word on the street is, she still likes owls! A lot! Who wants to snack time us? Will DAMIAN return for a 4th straight week of “90’s song of the week?’ This and maybe one or more questions will be answered when you get down to Ralphs parking lot to get down with us outside this Monday!!!

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