Monday! August 4th return win from RUSHELLE FRAZIER!!! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

we’re on a roll and hoping for a return of the outside show!

POETRY FEATURE: The lady who came up with the name and started the rushelle2Ralph’s Monday Series you’ve all come to love RUSHELLE FRAZIER is returning home to visit! “Rushelle Frazier’s writing has powerful knack for leaving me speechless in the same way the right dialogue would in a good film or a great play. The way a sunset reminds me that I am only human and there’s nothing wrong with that. Frazier loves hard and well, fights hard and well, and her poetry exudes this in such a marvelous way that I felt like I was The One being loved and fought and loved again. I thought I knew her–and now I know I do. For this, I am pleased. This is a very good book from a fine human being.” –“Mighty” Mike rushelleMcGee – Rushelle “Rush” Frazier is a spoken word and visual artist based in East Tennessee. Born in Queens, NY and raised in Worcester, MA, she has been involved with poetry- page and stage- for the past decade, hosting poetry readings, workshops, other spoken word events with relentless consistency and thoroughly unremarkable habit of writing about it in long-winded and grammatically incorrect run-on sentences.  for the latest on a new CD and book! Don’t miss out! Especially all you newbies, she’s not only an incredible poet, but she’s sort of your godmother!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER MATCH-UP “EJR vs IronPoetApronAVA” – that’s right folks! Two of our most talented young upstarts are taking the ultimate test challenge this Monday as they each vie for a shot at champion NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS‘ title. The brilliant words are going to fly as we get original haiku’s, short poems and incorporated poems about whatver diabolical ingredient that chairman YOSH SHARTIN dreams up in the back kitchen where the chili is born! Don’t know if it’s gonna be chili peppers, or habanero’s but this match up will be hot!

bastardkidsBASTARD KIDS are bringing back the idea of after show dance party! By gar… it’s been too long! Will we be outside? Will we get treated to a third week in a row of “Damian’s 90’s song of the week!” We could use someone to donate snack time this week. Get at us! Visual artist TBA (my favorite!) We are dreaming up big things for the fall to help celebrate our 5th anniversary! Wow! I mean, POW! (Adam West Batman Style)!

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