Monday! July 14th! TRU KWENE from Boston! Feature debut! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Back at RALPH’S, now that Hollywood’s had their fun! We might be outside on the patio again! Let’s see if the weather plays nice. We play nice!

kwenePOETRY FEATURE: TRU KWENE was born and raised in Boston, MA. She’s been seriously writing poetry since the age of 17. When she first found her passion for writing and performing poetry she worked as a youth organizer for Teen Empowerment where she was able to organize peace promoting events in the inner city. There she helped organize and perform in a many as 100 shows and for audiences as big as 1000. These days you can find her in Boston, supporting as many of the local shows and artists as she can. Also, you can find her on Facebook at This is Kwene’s first full feature ever! Dirty Gerund’s proud to help pad this launch!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Davis vs. kobialkaKobialka” – Oh man, the smack talk has reached record levels. These two poets have been jawin’ at each other something fierce. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is your current champ and has been training, shoving his fat paws into kitchen pantries, writing epic free writes about canned pineapples, generic mac n cheese boxes and funyons, just burning for his chance to defend his precious trophy! JAMES KOBIALKA has been sitting on radiators all summer to prepare for the heat of competition, he’s super confident for a man with only one Iron Poet Match under his teachers belt. Let’s see if his fresh participles can tear the title from local gutter royalty! Rawwwwr! 3 rounds, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges, 3 criteria for judging, one maniacal secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN! It’s all love, not really.

dgtrophyMOLLY & THE ADAMS return for guest house band awesome! MAREH K returns with a new summer time snack! LORETTA ADAMS  is your visual artist! What else? Now what else could you possibly want! Already have a number of RSVP’s for the open mic, so PLEASE get down by 8:30 to ensure yourself a spot and we can get this amazing show going! For your viewing pleasure, an old pic of me with the trophy! Watch me repeat this over my head action this Monday, where we’re always over our heads!

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