Monday June 23rd! 2014 Prov Grand Slam Champ MARSHALL “Gripp” GILSON! Plus the “Shatner-ize my Cummings!” Performance Challenge!

marshallgrippgilsonPOETRY FEATURE: MARSHALL “GRIPP” GILLSON is a nerd by day and a rapper/poet by day also. He has released five independent LPs, two mixtapes, several compilation albums, and a number of mythical creatures from captivity. His fifth solo album, “Ansible”, was released on January 21, 2014. He has been an active slam poet since 2008, representing four different venues in three different states in national competition. As the current Providence Grand Slam champion, he will travel to Pheonix to represent the city in the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam. He is also the founder and editor of the independent literary magazine “The Misanthropy”. In his spare time, he enjoys arguing, pontificating, and writing biographies in the third person. This is his first time featuring in Worcester and we’re psyched! Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Shatner-Ize my Cummings!” cummingsPerformance Challenge! Ever seen William Shatner cover Elton John’s Rocket Man? No? Really? It’s hilarious! We’ve coined the phrase Shatner-ize to mean doing an over the top celebrity impersonation to someone else’s art work in order to maximize hilarity, and uhm, artistic merit. Ugh. EE Cummings is considered a classic innovative poet known for his lack of stylistic and structural conformity. We’ll clip some of his best known verse, you bring your best celebrity impersonation, rock our mic and win!

juliusjonesJULIUS JONES returns to front the guest house band this week! Mareh’s been holding it down as Snack Time Summer Queen, but if you’re interested in volunteering one soon, let us know and we’ll let her know!  former Iron Poet Champ, Miss Dirty Gerund, JACKIE MORRILL is trying on the visual arts pants this Monday! YOSH & MIKEY like your hat!  Summer Summer Summer Time, Let’s just sit back and… un-…. uhm… forget unwinding, things are WINDING UP to explose with an incredible summer in Dirty Gerund Land! Let’s go!

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