Monday! June 16th! KALEIGH O’KEEFE from Boston! Plus FRANKEN-POEM Challenge!

kaleighOkeefePOETRY FEATURE: KALEIGH O’KEEFE is a performance poet and fine artist working and studying in Boston, Massachusetts, who has shown her work and performed in many venues across New England, solo and as part of FLATLINE POETRY Performance Troupe. She currently works to uphold the legacy Lewis Morris started as the president of The OFFICIAL Massart Poetry Alliance, where she organizes and hosts open mics, poetry slams, and special events. Kaleigh works mainly with ceramics, but has also worked with iron, bronze, aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic, wood carving and joinery, mixed media, site specific installations, and is a skilled and passionate mold-maker for life and object casting. Kaleigh is also passionate about education, sparked by working with the Gallery Education Team at the Bakalar and Paine Galleries in Boston for the past two years, and is currently working towards a BFA in Sculpture and History of Art of at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of “FRANKEN-POEM” frankenpoemCHALLENGE – We’ve had some fun with this game in the past! Here’s the scoop. Nick & I will snip & cull stanzas from some of our favorite poems (not out of the actual books mind you, we like our books, do you mind?). Your job, choose several beautiful lines at random and see if you can put them in an order than makes sense and makes out senses tingle with artistic goodness. Deliver your stitched poem together and win a tasty beverage of your choice! This poem! It’s alive! ALIVE!!!!!

ralphsdinerWe welcome BASTARD KIDS as they return to house band us into glory! Resident visual artist will be local luminary JENNIPUR JANE! Thanks to MAREH K for devilling our eggs last week! We look forward to what her summer residency brings to our table next! We’re excited to retun to RALPHS DINER! We liked the digs at Nick’s a lot, but there’s no place like home! YOSH & MIKEY didn’t notice we were gone, super sad face! I write streams of semi-consciousness like i’m BEAT! I’m beat, but you can’t beat the Gerund!

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