melissa-newman-evansPOETRY FEATURE: MELISSA NEWMAN-EVANS was a member of the 2012 and 2014 Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge slam teams. She co-coaches the Emerson College slam team with her partner Kevin Spak, she has headlined poetry shows around the northeast. Her work has been recently published in Muzzle, Radius, [PANK], decomP, and Freeze Ray. She likes her lipstick red. (photo by Marshall Goff).

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “DAVIS vs. IronPoetApronCLAUSS” – This is it! 3 original concoctions! 2 competitors! One championship trophy! and one diabolical secret ingredient from YOSH SHARTIN! Your champion NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is fully clothed, hugging his trophy fiercely in the bathtub, he’s muttering something about excellence. I can’t keep track. Challenger CHRISTOPHER CLAUSS is one of the most worthy challengers we’ve ever had. But we all know that in Iron Poet (like in life) the worthy don’t always win! 3 judges will decide!

LTABMA 2014 LogoADAM TRUDELL & KALA FARNHAM return on music! Adam’s lil’ sis AMANDA LEIGH is visual art-ing us and staking her claim as “the talented one” in the family! Ha ha! Thanks to Mareh for the snack last week! Who wants eternal blog thanks glory? Hit us up! Last but not least! Alex hopes you can all make it to the youth poetry festival he’s been working spending so much of his non-DG time on! Check out MASS LEAP COLLECTIVE website for details, May 10th, 11th & 15th in Boston! Support the future Gerunders!

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