Monday May 5th! ~ JOE FUSCO JR! ~ House band by Bellemer! Plus! “Laureate or Wustah Poet?” Guess Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JOE FUSCO JR. is a poet/humorist/grocer who is well-known in fuscoCentral Massachusetts and Belgium. His new collection of poems/essays “Three-Score” is awaiting publication. Joe’s musings have appeared in Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Best Indie Lit Journal, Worcester Magazine, The Worcester Review,, Concrete Wolf, and, of course, various publications in Belgium. We’re not sure why we’ve waited so long to bring Joe’s wit and charm to our stage for a full feature, but we think it’s high time for us all bask in the warm glow! You know?!

BONUS RUCKUS: The New “Poet Laureate or Wustah Poet?” Three-deckersSuper Game Show Guess Quiz Challenge! We read the news, especially when 4 different friends share it on our facebook feeds. Just this week, the finely attuned taker of cultural temperatures, VICTOR INFANTE posed and interesting question in this TELEGRAM & GAZETTE ARTICLE about whether or not Worcester should consider naming a new poet laureate. We don’t have much to add to the conversation (Nick is frantically looking up “laureate” as I type this). But we are good at jumping on popular trends and milking them for game show gold! The challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is going to scour the poetry of national poet laureates of the past as well as my local author chapbook collection for quoted lines. He reads one, you buzz in and tell us “Laureate!” or “Wustah poet!” – watch out for the Kunitz WildCard – First to get three points wins a frothy glass of victory!

hilarydulinYou all have Nick’s mom LINDA DAVIS to thank for saving ya’ll from RICE CAKE PURGATORY! Visual arts this week by HILLARY DULIN. Musical guest and house band leader JEFF BELLEMER returns for some “best in the biz harp player” win-shit. Your humble Dirty Gerund organizers wish to thank all who voted for us as we accept our 4th consecutive “Worcester Magazine Best of” Award for Poetry Series. Seriously thanks to all of you who support our ruckus. We will carry on for at least another week. And you can take THAT to your local credit union! (trying to see if that phrase catches on in case any local credit union’s wish to sponsor us, banks won’t return our calls, or cash our checks…)

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