Monday April 28th! Lizard Lounge Slam Team Member LISSA PIERCY! Plus Emily Dickinson “on helium!” Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

lissapiercyPOETRY FEATURE: LISSA PIERCY has always loved to write, but truly found her passion for poetry in the spring of 2012, when she co-founded Wheelock College’s performance group, FLOW (the Fundamental Lyricists of Wheelock). The following summer, Lissa turned her focus to teaching and created a six week poetry curriculum for a nonprofit organization in Boston, MA called MissionSAFE. Lissa now teaches and performs as part of the professional performance group Flatline Poetry, which she co-founded in May of 2013.Lissa has featured at various poetry venues in and around Boston, including the “if you can Feel it, you can Speak it” open mic at The Milky Way and the “Lost Voices of Boston” open mic at The Middle East. Lissa is currently based in Boston, MA and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Social Work at Wheelock College with a minor in Juvenile Justice. She looks forward to focusing on poetry full time when she graduates in May of 2014. Talk about good timing, we booked her and a week later she makes her first National Poetry Slam Team, she’ll be representing the Boston Lizard Lounge Team in Oakland this summer! First feature in Worcester, come down and say you saw her before she was famous!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the EMILY DICKINSON (on emilydickinsonHELIUM) Performance Challenge! It’s just what we said. We bring the helium tank, balloons and Dickinson poems! Your job, hit that ish hard and then go hard on some classic verse! Whoever holds it together the best, gets a rad prize! Yo! Don’t hit that too hard now, you’re gonna float right up into the second floor (which isn’t open on Mondays)! Sheesh! If you’re already a high pitched soprano, this challenge might now be for you! “Because I could not stop for ruckus, he kindly stopped for me…..” oh wow, my head hurts!

geoffoehlingThe incredible GEOFFREY WATSON OEHLING returns on the stand-up bass guitar! Visual artist our favorite TBD! Who’s got the snacks? That’s two weeks in a row where we hooked that up, so ya’ll are in an offical RICE CAKE ALERT – if nobody donates this Monday, the following will be bland generic rice cakes. Don’t make us be like that! Cause we’ll be like that! YOSH SHARTIN makes the best burgers in town and can cut you off! We’ve seen it happen. It happened to us. We deserved it. You all deserve better! That’s why you gotta hang out with us! Let’s give this art thing a try!

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