Monday April 21st – DIRTY GERUND saves Hip Hop (again) w/ Worcester Emcee DANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & The Vanguard! Plus the return of the “Prose Cuddle” Challenge!

dannyfantomDANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & THE VANGUARD is a loose collective hailing from Worcester’s notorious independent music scene. Mixing genre’s from each of the band members respective backgrounds, the Vanguard has created a sound unlike any other New England has seen. Spearheaded by Molly & the Adams, an independent band based out of MA, the group formed after working with rappers DannyFantom and Leon Legacy on a song about positivity. After realizing the potential they had as a whole, with the help of Lee Canales, the group was formed. The Vanguard is currently working on a genre-bending debut EP. You can catch the Leon_Legacy_Polarity-front-largeVanguard performing at our show the Monday, the keep rocking with them at The Electric Haze Tuesday, May 20th. Rock out with us and this exciting new project as the Vanguard will be double working as guest house band that evening as well!



bunniescuddleBONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Challenge – Started from the bottom, now you’re here? Well do we have the challenge for you? If you can blaze through bars like sailor on shore leave, then this is for you? Can’t rap, but are known for your insightful compliments? Well this challenge is actually for you as well! Step to the mic and battle with kindness. This is the exact opposite of a rap battle. Instead of rapping, feel free to just talk. Instead of battle, please compliment your opponent to the best of your abilities. Draw the most “awwwwwsssss” from our audience and win a nice prize! “Don’t be nice” actually means “be the nicest”!

savehiphopYou know what’d be nice? If someone wanted to volunteer a snack time! VOID SANSANGE will be rocking the live art work this Monday! YOSH misses CHICKEN (he doesn’t say anything but you can tell) but makes up for it by grilling the best burgers in town! Great show last week! Full open mic list so get down to Ralphs by 8:30pm if you want to get down with us! Hip Hop might not literally get saved, but I bet we’ll get closer than most! We’re hyperbolic like, like, uhm, commercial rap artists! Oooooooh!

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