Monday, April 7th! MUGGS FOGARTY from Providence! Trudel & Farnham on music! PLUS! The “It’s like… a simile” Guess Challenge!

muggsfogartyPOETRY FEATURE – MUGGS FOGARTY was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and has been a long time member of the Providence Poetry Slam staff. Performing and writing from a young age, Muggs has presented work in front of audiences large and small, from local punk shows to international poetry festivals. After graduating from The New School with a degree in creative writing/literature, Muggs is now returning to performance. Off-stage, Muggs has been teaching workshops, organizing, and coaching competitive teams since 2011. Muggs’ work can be found in Side B Magazine, 12th Street, 11 and a Half, and Plateau. This is Muggs’ first feature in Worcester! So let’s rock that like Route 146 was paved with lucky!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “It’s totally like a simile & stuff” Guess simileQuiz Show! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the let’s go meta! metaphor challenge, me and Nick are back at it, cooking up brand new original similes (the lazy man’s metaphor) and reading them out loud. Then we will offer 3 possible explanations on what exactly it is we mean by these comparisons! Be one of the first contestants to buzz in and guess correct gets a point. Get three points, and that wins you a cool prize! It’s like… uhm… uhm… a really cool game! D’oh!

dirtygerundapril1KALA FARNHAM and ADAM TRUDEL are back to play music and the role of dyamic musical duo! YOSH SHARTIN asks you all to order your burgers at the same dang time please! Visual Arts and snacks to be had! If you want to paint, find Aaron White on facebook and book a date! If you want to volunteer a snack, let me or Nick know. DIRTYGERUNDSHOW is on twitter! Follow us, I don’t think we’d steer you wrong! Thanks to Freedom Prophecy for rawking us last week for the first time, it won’t be the last! Thanks Gary Hoare for sharing a pick from last Monday’s show! So great. Coulda used a few more poets on the open mic though! Fix that!

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